Terri Adams
ESL Teacher-trainer/Adult, Children, lecturer, writing skills, teacher training.

Native language: American English (neutral accent)
Other Languages: Spanish, learning Chinese
Currently living in: United States

  Let me tell you about myself.

My audio was recorded in my fourth year of teaching; however, I received my TEFL certificate 8 years ago, after my retirement, and have taught continuously in China since that time. Only recently have I returned to the U.S. My experience is in depth and I have been honored by my students and the schools. I have taught all grades and all ages and ability students in China. I have taught to the Chinese University Entrance, TESOL and ILES exams, both private tutoring and classes. My elementary and senior classroom experiences have been basically oral. listening and writing skills. I usually include exam taking methodology.

My kindergarten and primary experience has been oral and reading. I taught the Native Chinese-English teachers at the Shanghai Teachers' College for 3 terms. These classes were basically to improve their English and their classroom skills. I have also developed my own curriculum. My classes aways extend beyond the textbooks. For example, one senior class I brought in English menus from a local American restaurant, where they practiced ordering and serving. Upon graduation, I took them to the restaurant where they enjoyed practical experience. I am a skilled teacher and enjoy my students as they do me.

I have followed my students through their many grades, my first students graduating from the Universities, where many of them traveled to my home to celebrate their graduation with me. We had a pizza party and a special event at a Peking Duck restaurant. It was so gratifying that after 6 years my students would still include me in their lifetime events. My apartment has always been a meeting place for students and teachers, and rarely did a weekend go by that it wasn't filled with movie watching, hamburger eating students and teachers. My classroom was extended by our social events.

In Beijing I was honored by their National Charity with a framed certificate for my donations to the underprivileged orphan children. I was told it was the first time they had given it to a foreigner. It was quite an honor.

I am in extremely good health and would welcome the opportunity to continue working. At the present time, I have taken a part-time retail position to supplement my income until I can find another TEFL teaching position.

Please note that I do not have a formal degree, but have finished 3 years towards my J.D., and have a myriad of employment experiences, mostly in law. I am a certified TESOL teacher, certified para-legal, and have held numerous licenses and certifications. I have been excepted into graduate classes, and the law doctoral programs by challenging the exams and passing. I have more than enough units for a degree, but my personal situation (family responsibilities, as a single mother) and employment, kept me from fulfilling the residential requirements of the university. I was employed with the U.S. Government and was relocated and reassigned and continued my education at new schools at the new location. Eventually, I hope to be able to return to school and gain the degree, just to finish something started so long ago.

If you are more concerned with intelligence and ability, than paper, and age stereotypes, please consider me.

Available for employment.

  • Full-time, Part-time, Contract
  • Location: U.S. Southeast area of Florida preferably, but will consider other areas. Age can be a hinderance for a working visa in some countries, and I am a senior citizen. So if your school or country honors the achievers and not bound by meaningless restrictions, I would be honored to consider your offer.
  • ESL Job Interests: I enjoy young children, or anyone that wants to learn and is willing to work. I actually enjoy most grade levels, including adults, my enjoyment of my classes, helps the creativity of my students. It all rests on the attitude of the students. I have had experience with all ages, similtaneously, in classrooms, language schools, corporations and business English, plus tutoring. Each experience depends on the student. I do not like large classes and feel strongly that they are not conducive to learning anything, let alone a new language. I like to learn also as I teach. Continuing one's education is essential to teaching. I am now enrolled in two classes which will end in April, at which time I will be free to relocate.
Please contact me for more information.